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Twin Spin Slot

You’ve probably seen how infomercials always sell you a product and then after it is done with all its features, they offer you a chance to get another ‘for free’. You’ll feel like it’s a great deal because you get 2 of the same product for the price of one. After that double offer they even throw in some other freebies. It’s very tempting to buy that product just so you can get all the free stuff.

Just like that infomercial, Twin Spin slot is one of those casino slots games that likes things to come in pairs. The makers of this classic looking game came up with a twin reel feature to achieve their need to get things all paired up.

More on the Twin Spin Feature

For those of you who haven’t seen what the Twin Spin feature look like or how it works, you should pay attention. First it looks very simple. Every time you spin the reels, Twin Spin Slot chooses two side by side reels to have the exact same symbols as you spin. That’s a guaranteed pair of symbol every time you spin the reels. All you will need is one more reel to match the two symbols to get a winning combination.

What You Can Win at Twin Spin Slot

Spin 3 of the same kind of symbols and you can easily get a prize. This isn’t so hard considering you already have 2 identical reels every time you spin. You win more when you have more than 3 of the same symbol.

The wild symbol can replace any of the other symbols in the Twin Spin Slot online game. It also lets you win bigger prizes. The more ‘wild’ symbol you have the bigger your winnings.

When you land the jackpot prize at the Twin Spin casino game, you get up to $135,000 in prizes. This is one of the biggest prizes ever given by a non-progressive jackpot type of slot game.

Twin Spin Slot lets the nostalgic in you relive the days when slots were just made of 3 reels and prizes were pennies. Now, when you play with this modern game with a classic look and you’ll get more than pennies.